Using XLaunch to configure Xming

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Xming is an X Window Server for Windows. XLaunch is the name of its configuration wizard. This document explains how to use XLaunch to configure Xming.


  1. Run XLaunch and select the display setting you want to use.
  2. Thumbnail of screenshot that shows someone starting XLaunch

  3. From the next menu, choose start windows option and click Next >.
  4. Thumbnail of screenshot showing the start windows option

  5. From the next menu choose to Start a program and click Next >.
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  7. Using Putty, configure connection to the server (ex. and your username in the Login as user field. If you choose to leave the password field blank, you will be prompted whenever you try to connect. Click Next >.
  8. Thumbnail of screenshot that showing the Putty configuration

  9. In the Additional parameters for PuTTY or SSH field, enter -X -ssh -2.
    forwards X11 packets;
    forces plink.exe to create a secure connection;
    forces plink.exe to use SSH2.
    Click Next >.
    Thumbnail of screenshot showing additional Putty configuration
  10. You will be prompted to save your configuration. When you save configuration the default name is config.xlaunch. You can name it whatever you want, but the extension will need to be .xlaunch. For example: storm.xlaunch. Once you've saved your configuration, click Finish.
  11. Thumbnail of screenshot that showing prompt to save