Special Services

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The following list of special services may be useful to CISE users:

Wireless Access

Wireless is available inside the CSE building, and is planned to cover all of the UF campus. This service is being provided at the University level, and is NOT a CISE service. Please refer to the wireless home page for details.

FTP Mirrors

Due to time and disk space constraints, most of CISE's mirrors are currently unmaintained, and may very well be out of date. Several of them have been removed entirely. If you would like to see something mirrored or updated, contact webmaster@cise.ufl.edu.

Current Mirrors (Actively Maintained, Updated Nightly)

Old Mirrors (may be out of date):

  • Operating Systems
  • Special Software

File Uploads

Occasionally, someone needs to send you a very large file. Doing this as an email attachment will often not work (there is a limit to the size of attachments; also the attachment may not fit in the disk space allocated for your mail quota).

We have provided an alternate way for somebody to send you large files to CISE users over the web.

Request that the person use the URL: http://www.cise.ufl.edu/dropbox/www/ to transfer the file. This allows someone outside of CISE to upload a file (temporarily) to our web server. They must supply one (or more) valid CISE usernames who the file should be delivered to. That user will receive an email with directions on obtaining the file.

Files will be automatically deleted after 2 weeks.