Second Life

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CISE staff can not fully support this product.

Maintenance is time consuming and updates are required much too often. Unfortunately, updates are actually full installations requiring administrator access. The install defaults to 500 meg for caching. This violates the 30 meg limitation of Windows profiles.

You can still use CISE managed workstations with Second Life, by using the workaround below:

  1. Install Second Life on a USB drive and run the software from the USB stick.
  2. Insert USB stick (2 gig or more). Remember drive letter assigned.
  3. Download Second Life to USB stick from Second Life
  4. Run install. Change drive letter to USB assigned driver i.e. (I:\Program Files\SecondLife)
  5. Start Second Life, enter username and password.
  6. Select Edit, Preferences, Network, Disk Cache Location and change location i.e. (I:\cache) and select Set option.