Reserving CISE Computer Labs

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Who can reserve a Lab?

In general, only faculty or TAs acting in behalf of faculty members can reserve CISE labs.

Reservable Labs

  • E113 (Linux Lab -- 24 machines)
  • E115 (Linux Lab -- 24 machines)
  • E116 (Linux Lab -- 24 machines)
  • E309 (Linux Lab -- 15 machines)
  • E312 (Linux Lab -- 09 machines)
  • E313 (Linux Lab -- 12 machines)

To reserve a CISE lab, please send an e-mail to

Typical Reasons for Reserving a Lab

In general, the reservable labs are for supplementing CISE courses that need students to be at a computer during classtime, e.g., for labs or discussion sections.

Alternatives to Lab Reservations

Some activities are not ideally suited to lab reservations. Below is a table of alternatives to reserving CISE computer labs.

Activity Alternative
Holding meetings where computer use is not needed or is needed only by the speaker Reserve a CISE conference room (see below)
Defending theses or dissertations Reserve a CISE conference room (see below)
Reserving a CSE classroom (220, 221, 222) and possibly using any computer equipment managed by the Office of Academic Technology Contact the Undergraduate Advisors on (see below).

Current Lab Reservations in the CISE department

Before requesting a reservation, please check the room for available times. Click on a link to see the reservations for a pariticular semester.

This is a list of lab reservations for the current semester:

Computer Labs with no associated links currently have no reservations. Please contact if you need to reserve a lab in the CISE Department.

=== Information on Other Rooms (other than CISE computer labs)

  • CISE Conference Rooms
For information on reserving a CISE conference room, please go to the main office in E301. Typically, a only faculty members or students acting on behalf of faculty members (such as when defending theses or dissertations) can reserve conference rooms.
  • Classrooms in the CSE Building or Other Buildings
For information on during-term ad hoc classroom reservations in CSE (220, 221, 222), please contact the Undergraduate Advisors on