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Limited free printing is provided to CISE students. Printing is controlled via page quotas. Printing is a privilege—which can be taken away if abused.


Undergraduates should only use CISE printers to complete coursework. In addition to coursework, Graduate students can use CISE printers for research projects and for TA needs—such as printing exams. You should print one final copy of an exam and then go to the front office to arrange for duplication.

The table below shows quotas for different types of users and their quotas. The numbers represent in pages per month, on the first of each month, your quota is reset. Once you have hit your quota, you are done for the month. The default is to print on both sides of page. If you print a two page document, even though you use one sheet of paper, your page count is incremented by two. If you print only on one side, your print quota is incremented by one.

User Type Quota (pages/month)
Graduates 300
Undergraduates 100

Note: The Department is not responsible for printing your thesis.

Quota FAQ

How do I check my quota?

You can check your print quota via the web at

Or on a Linux machine, run: % /usr/local/bin/printquota

If I go over one month, can I take it out of the next month's quota?

No, this would be unmanagable given the size of our user base.

If I don't use all my free pages this month, can I transfer the remainder to next month?

No, unused pages may not be transferred to the next month.

What if I have special printing needs this month?

Special needs will be assessed on a case by case basis. Email to discuss your special need. You should do this before you exceed your quota, and not after.

Note: Printing your thesis or dissertation does not qualify as a special need. According to university policy, the student, not the Department, should pay for costs associated with the thesis. We make no attempt to determine if that is what is being printed (so part, or even all, of the thesis, may be printed as free pages) but printing a large thesis will not be accepted as an excuse to increase your quota.

What if I don't agree with the number of pages printed, or there are jobs I don't think I should have to pay for?

If you disagree with the number of pages that printquota reports, or if a job fails to print correctly, you should immediately report the problem to We will examine the logs to determine if there is an error. Please do this as soon as possible after the error occurs so that we can investigate the problem. We are not responsible for users printing the wrong document, or printing it incorrectly. These pages will usually not be refunded.

I am a TA; will I be charged for printing class material for the class I am assisting with?

TAs are granted an increased quota as described above. Other than that, TAs will be treated the same as grad students. There is no need for TAs to do anything to request this increased quota. Once a semester, we will get the information from course rolls.

Printing FAQ

How do I print from Windows?

See Printing from Windows.

How do I print from Linux?

Linux workstations have the current print drivers preloaded. The quickest way to find out what printers are available to you is to open an application like OpenOffice and click print. You will then be able to access a drop down box which will show you all the printers. Once you have this information, you will also be able to print from the command line. An easy way to print a text file is to use the a2ps command.

How do I print from my laptop or self-managed machine?

The Department does not support printing directly from laptops or self-managed machines. You can how ever copy the document to be printed to a Department-managed computer and print from there.

Set a Default Printer

If you want to specify a default printer without always having to use a -Pprinter option, you can create an environment variable PRINTER which contains the name of a printer. From then on, that printer will be used as the default printer.

For example, to make ps114 your default printer, add the following line to your .cshrc file: setenv PRINTER ps114. The next time you log in, that will be your default printer.