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Applying for a CISE account

Applying for a CISE account

Note: All account owners are responsible for knowing and following the CISE Acceptable Use Policy, and other CISE policies. They are also responsible for knowing the information contained in the CISE help pages relevant to their uses of the account. You must meet eligibility requirements for a CISE account.

In order to apply for a CISE account, you will need:

  1. Your Gatorlink account. You can register for a Gatorlink account at: MyUFL.

Using a web browser, visit the CISE Account Registration Page. You will be directed to a Gatorlink login. Enter your Gatorlink account and password, and you will be sent to the CISE account registration program. You MUST be logged in as yourself.

Enter your information, taking special care to pick the right account type. Most options are self-explanatory, but some require some explanation.

  • CISE students should pick the "CISE student" option, and select the correct student type: (Undergrad, Post Bac, Masters, or PhD).
  • Students that are not CISE students, but are taking a CISE class other than CIS 3020, CIS 3022 or CIS 3023 should pick the "CISE Class" option.
  • Students that are not CISE students, and are in CIS 3020 or CIS 3022 will automatically recieve a temporary account in your lab section and do not need to register.
  • If you are having difficulty deciding which account type you should register for, please contact the system staff at:

Please be aware that intentionally registering for the wrong account type is a violation of the UF Student Conduct code, and may result in disciplinary action.

Follow the prompts, and enter the remainder of the requested information. When you get to the account agreement, read it carefully and click "agree" if you agree with the terms of use of the CISE account. If you do not agree to the terms, you can not have a CISE account.

Once you finish, you MUST close the browser.

Accounts are generally ready in 2 business days. You will be informed at your alternate e-mail (if you gave one) when your account is created or denied.

If you have any questions, please contact the system staff at:

Applying for a PC account

All new accounts, except for temporary class accounts, automatically get access to all departmentally managed UNIX and Windows computers. There is no need to apply separately for an account on the PCs. Temporary class accounts are only given access on the machines needed to complete the class (typically UNIX). Details on Windows accounts are here.

Applying for an ORACLE/MySQL/PostgreSQL account

Instructions for applying for database accounts are on the database help page. The department maintains Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL database servers.

Renewing a CISE account

The instructions for renewing an account are nearly identical to those in the previous section Applying for a CISE account.

You will need to renew your account in the following instances:

  • You have forgotten your password and need to choose a new one.
  • Your classification in the department has changed (undergrad to grad for example).
  • Please note that temporary accounts assigned to 3020 and 3022 students can not change their classification. These accounts must be cancelled and a new account made. E-mail system staff at to have your account cancelled.

Other Account Concerns

System Notifications

Periodically, the system staff sends out notices concerning important system changes. Typically, this is done via email, so all users of CISE accounts are required to read email.

All users are held responsible for the information sent by the system staff to their CISE account.

Eligibility for a CISE account

Only people who are directly affiliated with the CISE department are eligible for a CISE account. These include:

  • All faculty, staff, and CISE employees (including student helpers)
  • Students enrolled as a CISE undergrad, post-bac, grad, or PhD student. The following classifications are considered CISE students:
    • CEN (Computer Engineering through the CISE Department)
    • CSC (Liberal Arts & Sciences Computer and Information Sciences)
    • IES (Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies/Digital Arts and Sciences Program)
  • UF students taking CISE classes which require a CISE account
  • Guests of CISE faculty who are working on research projects with that faculty member

CISE account expiration

Any CISE major who has been accepted into the department is eligible to apply for a computer account that is subject to renewal, but otherwise is good for as long as the student remains in good standing with the department and the college. These accounts may be periodically expired requiring the student to submit a renewal application.

Accounts which were created for a specific class will expire during the break at the end of the semester in which the account was used. These accounts may be renewed if the student proves to be taking classes which require the account the following semester.

Expired accounts are given a period of time before being deleted (generally one semester), during which time they may be renewed. When accounts are due to be expired, the users will be notified and requested to renew their accounts (if applicable). Accounts which are not renewed should be backed up. Once an account is expired and deleted, the files should be considered irretrievable, except under the most rare of circumstances.

For more details, see the Account Expiration page.

Changing your password

All users are strongly encouraged to change their passwords periodically. Under normal circumstances, users are encouraged to change their password at least every 6 months. Though inconvenient, this will greatly decrease the likelihood of someone breaking into your account.

To change your password, you should renew your account using the directions above.

Forgotten passwords or unable to login

If you tried to log in and the login window says "Login incorrect", you typed in a wrong username or password. Try again with your correct password. If you cannot remember the correct password, you MUST renew your account using the directions above.

If you logged in and got logged back out immediately, then there is a problem with the account itself and not your username and password. Please contact system staff at: if this happens.

Changing Login ID

CISE policy disallows changing Login IDs for active accounts. All CISE usernames follow a few general formats. An automated system picks and sets up login ID and access that is allowed and available on all CISE systems and services.

Additional Resources for CISE Students

VMware Software for Educational Use

CISE students have access to VMware software for educational use.

Please notice the software is provided for use related with CISE classes only, not for research purposes.

Approximately 2 days after the end of the add/drop period CISE Systems Administrators will setup or re-enable the accounts.

Your username will be your UF email address and the password needs to be reset the first time the web store is accessed.

WebStore URL: