Firefox tips - Linux

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You receive an error that: "Firefox is already running but is not responding."

  1. Make SURE Firefox is not already running. Make sure that you did not leave yourself logged in on another computer. If you did, use the hint below on using more than one copy of Firefox.
  2. In your Firefox profile directory ( a random-looking directory in the directory /cise/homes/[YOUR USER NAME]/.mozilla/firefox/ ), delete the files lock and .parentlock
  3. Start Firefox

You receive an error that your profile is corrupt.

Start Firefox's profile manager and delete your old profile, and add a new one. $firefox --profilemanager Note: This will delete your bookmarks.

You want to have more then one copy of Firefox open at once.

Start two copies of Firefox by using different profiles: $firefox -profile "Session 1"& $firefox -profile "Session 2"&