Class Disk Space

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Class space is primarily used for instructors and TAs to store class related materials (web pages, assignments, homework turn-ins, etc.). Professors may request class space for every class they are teaching each semester. Class space will always be available on Unix computers under the path:


and on PCs as:


where CLASS is the name of the class. The name consists of the class prefix, the class number, the semester when it is taught, and an optional extension specifying the instructor or section of the class if multiple instructors/sections are present. For example, the CDA 1234 class in the spring of 2001 would be available as:


Semester suffixes are sp (spring), su (summer), and fa (fall), so the same class taught during summer and fall would be (respectively):


The only exceptions to this are classes which might be taught by two different professors simultaneously (such as the special topics courses). For these, an additional 2 or 3 character suffix will be added to the name. For example, if CIS 4930 were taught by Dr. Wilson and the title of the course was Distributed Filesystems, the name of the class space might be cis4930fa03jnw or cis4930fa03df .

A class web page can be created in the directory:


and will be accessible with the URL:


Class space is created automatically each semester for every class and an email is sent out to each instructor notifying them of this.

Once class space has been created, TAs can be added to the group so that they can write to the space. It is the responsibility of the instructor to add TAs to the group. To do this, please visit the group management page.

Periodically, class space is backed up and removed in order to make space for new classes. No space is ever removed without an email notice first being sent to the instructor, and space is kept for at least two semesters after the class is over before being expired. Also, no space is removed until it has first been written to tape so future recovery is possible if necessary.