CISE Quotas

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The CISE department has four different types of quotas that apply to your account:

NT Profile Quota's - This relates to the size of your Windows profile, you will mostly likely encounter over quota messages of this type when you go to log off Windows PC. More information on managing your NT Profile can be found here: NT Profile Information

Home Directory Quota's - Your home directory is your main storage space. It is limited and should only be used to store work of value to your course work or research. If you are over quota you will most likely see an error when you go to save a file to your H: drive (Windows) or your home directory (UNIX) - incidentally - these are both the same space so you can move from one platform to another and still access your files. More information on managing your home directory can be found here: Monitoring Home Directory Usage

Mail Quota's - It is important to closely watch the amount of email you have saved in your Maildirectory. You will receive an email when you get close to the quota for your Maildirectory - More information on mailquota's can be found here: Mail Quota

Print Quota's - Each user has a maximum number of pages that they can print for free each month. After they have meet their quota, they will be charged a per page fee. More information on print quota's can be found here: Print Quotas