Acceptable Use Policy

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The Acceptable Use Policy for the CISE department comprises two parts:

  1. University of Florida AUP
  2. Additional CISE Policies

University of Florida Acceptable Use Policy

All computers and computing resources used in the department are subject to the University of Florida Accptable Use Policy.

Among other things, this policy prohibits the use of departmental computers and computing resources for any of the following purposes:

In addition, computer accounts may not be:

  • shared between users (i.e. you may not share your password under any circumstances)
  • used for commericial purposes, or for personal financial (or other) gain

Certain uses of email are prohibited including:

  • chain mail
  • harassing or hate-mail
  • virus hoaxes
  • spamming or e-mail bombing
  • junk mail
  • false identification

Additional CISE Policies

Currently, the CISE department uses the UF AUP without modification. The following practices are also explicitly forbidden:

  • Placing any non-CISE administered computer on the CISE managed network including personal machines and laptops.
  • Computer accounts may not be shared in any way. This includes sharing your password, allowing others to use your account, or in any other way providing UF computing resources to any other person.
  • Any attempts to compromise the security of CISE computing facilities, steal passwords, launch denial of service attacks, or attempt to break into other computer systems will be grounds for immediate termination of the CISE account.
  • Practices commonly used to bypass security including cracking and/or guessing passwords, network sniffing, and scanning the network for vulnerabilities. In some cases, network scanning and sniffing may be allowed for the purposes of learning security, but this may only be done on a secured, private network, and only with advance permission by the deparmental IT staff.
  • User maintenance of CISE managed machines is forbidden. This includes unhooking a computer from the network, attaching peripheral devices, opening it up, etc. ALL maintenance on CISE managed equipment must be done by CISE staff.
  • Creating a home page which violates the CISE Acceptable Use Policy.